1 LB Gemstone & Crystal Paydirt
1 LB Gemstone & Crystal Paydirt

1 LB Gemstone & Crystal Paydirt

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Fun for rock-hounds of all ages! Something for the kids to pan while you play with our gold ore and paydirt!

Our gemstone paydirt bags are hand mined on our now over 850 acres of crystal, gemstone, and gold mines all across Colorado. We have spent decades mining and researching Colorado's geology to select the best locations to mine for all kinds of minerals. Each of or orders contains unsearched gemstone paydirt which is sure to please.

Many customers report finding $50-$100 or more of crystals in even one bag.

We are a family business and strive to provide the best gemstone paydirt available online as well as offering a fine selection of quantities of gold bearing paydirt and ore.

We are proud to offer priority USPS flat rate USA shipping so our customers can save on shipping costs while still receiving their order within the same week.

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